Deny the Impostor Syndrome

  It’s like clockwork. At the end of each academic school year, I’m always over it. But I usually bounce back after that last final exam. But this time, it’s different. I officially transitioned from a PhD student to a PhD candidate as of May 1st and from that day on it’s like everything changed….

Ph.D.? Research?

I often hear the question, “what is a Ph.D.”? Or when I tell someone that I’m doing my Ph.D. in Public Health, they ask me, “can you prescribe and see patients”? No lol I have to then explain that I’m not “that kind of doctor”. I’m not studying to be a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)….

Why Does Representation Matter?

I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by cool and educated friends, especially those who are doctors and lawyers in training. Can we say free medical and legal advise?! What I love even more is that they are all young, black, and Haitian. One time for the culture! It’s great to know that my friends are making it…