KORE Haiti, Inc.

KORE Haiti, Inc. is an organization I hold dear to my heart, well I’m sort of bias since I serve as the Chief Administrative Officer on the governing board. But nonetheless, it is a newly founded non-profit organization started by three medical students – Stevenson Chery, Dany Accilien, and Samuel Jean-Baptiste. I have had the pleasure of working with these phenomenal future Haitian physicians discussing the logistics of the organization. Though Dany and Sam are not Gators like myself, Stevenson, our Chief Financial Officer Dafnie Nacius, and our Chief Creative Officer Sony Laventure, we’ve found a way to work well with each other.

The mission of KORE Haiti is to support the Haitian community by addressing educational barriers, access to healthcare, and economic sustainability through diverse partnerships. Why health, education and economic sustainability? Our primary objective is to improve the overall health of the Haitian people. However, social determinants of health teaches us one cannot work without the other, the fate of each are intertwined. Overall health cannot be ameliorated without focusing on the root of the problem. We aim to address the challenges that impede overall health of the Haitian people.

Feel free to learn more about us at korehaiti.org