Woch Nan Dlo Pa Konnen Mizè Woch Nan Soley: COVID-19.

Today is the last day of March and it has been roughly 2 weeks since we’ve been in “physical distancing”. We are at the point where we’re not sure if today is Tuesday or Saturday. I’m certain this is taking a toll on our mental health, especially if we’re alone and/or not keeping ourselves busy and entertained. I personally believe that we should all take this opportunity to focus on self-development. When will we be in this position again to do the things that we constantly put off because we convince ourselves that we’re too busy.

What’s going to be important during this time is to create a daily and weekly routine. It’ll provide you with a sense of consistency and help you progress in completing all of your outstanding tasks. Take everything I’m about to say into consideration and see what’s applicable to you for your daily/weekly routine.


It’s so important to set a positive mindset from the moment you wake up. Being in the house for such an extended period of time can feel suffocating, unmotivating, and cause you to simply lose track of the day of the week.

As soon as you wake up say, “ok, google”, “hey siri” or “Alexa”…

“what day is it?”.

Then transition straight into your morning meditations and reflections. I have an Amazon Dot, so I’ll say “Alexa, play guided mediation” and I go straight into it. After my mediations, I’ll say “Alexa, Open YouVersion Bible App” and Alexa will play my devotional for the day. Once, I get these two things done I take my puppy outside to run around, feed him his breakfast, jump into my home workout, shower, cook breakfast, and work on my dissertation. Establish your routine and switch it up when necessary.


This quarantine can be a trying time for both couples who are isolated together and those who are apart. Work on your communication and use this opportunity to get to know your partner on a deeper level. But also understand that your significant other may want their own space at some point, so learn when to let your partner do their own thing separate from you. Some people never spend this much time in close proximity with another person, therefore you have to be mindful when your partner wants their own space and for you to not feel offended by that request.

At Home Activities | You really have to get creative when you’re limited to “dating” at home. Here are some activities I think can be fun: 1) Do an at home painting with a twist, 2) Backyard camping, 3) Watch and discuss a documentary or show, 4) Do the 36 Questions That Lead to Love , 5) Workout together, 6) Sharpen your skills to be in sync for the post corona game nights, 7) Send song lyrics to each other while you’re both in the same room, 8) Rearrange your home, 9) Leave messages around the house for each other to randomly find, 10) Have a backyard picnic, 11) Learn a new dance style or routine (I hope all of my Haitian people learn how to dance Konpa during this time), 12) Take turns telling each other stories, and 13) Online group socials with close friends (other couples) and family.

Long Distance Activities | 107 Long Distance Relationship Activities

Bible Plans |I highly recommend individuals to read the 10 Choices Successful Couples Make 7 day bible plan, even if you’re not in a relationship.


I love my audible membership! The perk of audible is that you pay a monthly membership fee of $15 for a credit. With each credit you can purchase ANY book regardless of the price. I’ve been able to listen to various books on personal health, finances, medicine, poems, personal development, biographies, and history. I’m not saying to commit to an audible membership, but maybe purchase a book for you to read for the month. Take an hour a day to sit outside or near a window listening to an interesting book, giving your eyes a rest from all the social media scrolling and Netflix binging. With our current situation and being that I’m a public health doctoral student who believes in the importance of prevention, I suggest you check out the following three books on audible.


It can be so simple to start substituting our meals with snacking. Why not take this opportunity to test out some new recipes? We’re always complaining about not having time to cook. Well, we have a whole lot of it now. And as a proud Haitian woman, I’m going to challenge my fellow Haitian-American women to get a couple of staple Haitian recipes under their belts. I’ve heard some Haitian men throwing shade that Haitian Women can’t cook and I find that statement to be inaccurate. So for those of you (not just women) who aren’t cheffin’ it up in the kitchen this is your opportunity to shine.

If you need a starting point, check out this cookbook by Haitian Chef Thia. I’ve never personally used it to cook, but I’ve read through it. It is an insightful, colorful and well organized cookbook with great recipes.


We never know when we may be in another situation similar to this again, so start planting that mango tree and plants to transform your backyard into a getaway from being locked inside the house all day. Gardening, in my opinion is something fun and beautiful to do; I love witnessing the new life that emerges from a seed. And hey, if an apocalypse were to ever hit you’ll have a self-sufficient home with your vegetable garden in the backyard. God gives us all of these resources, we just need to learn how to cultivate them.


A New Language | French. Spanish. Haitian Kreyòl. There are various apps in the Google Play or Apple Store available to aid individuals in learning a new language. Duolingo is free and a pretty good one, but my favorite platform is Mango Languages. If you’re affiliated with a University, chances are you’ll have free access to mango languages with your institutional credentials.

A New Instrument| I’m sure many of us have a musical instrument collecting dust in a corner somewhere. I have two. Prime time to learn/relearn how to play your guitar and/or piano.

A New Expertise | If you’re going to be in front of a screen all day, why not do something productive that serves as an asset to your career’s trajectory. Study something novel from a different field or a technique to benefit your resume. Check out this website.


Home Workouts | If you’re all about getting strong, building muscles, or leaning out the NIKE Training Club (NTC) App is such an effective tool in helping you maintain or reach that goal. Normally, the app offers a large collection of free workouts and a membership premium option with more guided workouts and recipes to better assist you in reaching your fitness goal. However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic NIKE has recently announced that they’ve lifted their premium membership fee, allowing users free access to the premium workouts. Personally, I would recommend using their “Programs” feature which will offer you 4 to 6 weeks of guided workouts, healthy recipes, tips, and encouraging videos to help you reach your goal from the comfort of your home. Consider dedicating a space in your home that you’ve organized for strictly working out so that it’s appealing and easier to jump into your workouts every day.

Neighborhood Runs | If possible, try to go for a run once a week in your neighborhood to allow yourself the opportunity to get some sunlight exposure and fresh air; physical distancing does not mean you can’t go for a run. Just be mindful that you have to maintain the 6 feet distance rule between you and others you may see on the path. And oh, there’s the NIKE Running Club App which helps you track your runs, provides progress updates on your distance and time, guide/personalized coaching, allows your social media followers to send you cheers during your run and create competitions between you and your friends.

Pole Fitness | Or if you want to try something a little different, consider using this time to go on your pole fitness journey. You can order a home pole on Amazon then have your quarantine partner help you install it in less than an hour. My pole studio, Milan Pole Dance Studio Miami, is currently offering online sessions for pole, flexibility, and floorwork. Be sure to check them out on instagram @mpdsmiami.


It’s simple to forget to drink water; such an essential and important element for our existence. The human body is made up of roughly 60% water; our organs depend on it. Strive to consistently stay hydrated, so don’t wait till you’re thirsty to drink water.

As you embark on this fitness journey and strive to stay healthy, make it a priority to solely drink water. And since you’re going to be home all day anyways, then constantly going to the restroom shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience.


When we can finally get out of the house again, I know people are going to make the most of this “freedom”. And I will surely be one of those individuals. I’m guilty of never going anywhere or having to be dragged out of the house to socialize with people. But, once we get that green light I promise to at least go to one social outing…baby steps lol I didn’t realize how important human interaction really was until COVID-19.

In the meantime, I’m going to practice these post-corona make-up looks!


Till next time…

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