She Was, and She Still Is…

She was beautiful,

with ebony skin that would glow in the summer sun.

She was brilliant,

an analytical mind with an ingenious point of view.

She was powerful,

her presence alone commanded respect.

She was a young woman,

searching for a place while searching for herself.

And there he was, allured by all she was.

He pursued her.

Though reluctant, she conceded.

And with each encounter, he ravished her.

Taking from her little by little and piece by piece.

Breaking her down, with no plans to build her back up.

Her light was dimmed.

Her joy was gone.

Her self-worth was stolen.

Her physique slowly withering away.

And when she had no more to give,

he was gone.

But without him,

she was,

she is,

and she will continue to be.



For the young ladies who didn’t receive no closure, who blamed themselves, who gave all they had, and who lost their direction. For the young men who never showed up, who diminished someone else’s light, and who only knew how to take, but not how to give.

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